The Royal Piece of Sagrada is luxury understood as the summit of technical and aesthetic quality. Both in its continent, the jewel, as in its content, the perfume.

The design and production of the jewel, made by BAGUÉS-MASRIERA, reach perfection thanks to the experience in the enamel technique of this firm that has allowed to create a vessel with an extraordinary artistic value.
On the other hand, the materials and precious stones used in the creation of the bottle convey values of luxury piece, which make it unique in the market.
Its edition is limited to a maximum of 100 units
(produced, one by one, upon request).
In addition, each piece will be personalized with the name of its owner.

Sagrada has numbers inspired by Gaudi and aromas inspired by Barcelona.

The brand has wanted to honour the illustrious architect with the use of this numerology applied to the names of its aromas, which, in turn, have the aroma of the four seasons of Barcelona.


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